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Dug through all my dad’s family recipes that have been sitting in a big ziplock freezer bag. some of them were my grandmothers, handwritten on old memo pads or scraps of paper, some were his grandmothers, some were my mothers who passed away. Picked the ones we use the most or were most interesting, scanned them, and created a recipe book on Shutterfly complete with the scanned images and pictures of his family. Wish I could have done all the recipes but there were so many. One day I’ll organize them and make a big one.

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My wife’s grandpa died about a year ago at the age of 93 and while there were a lot of people at the funeral there were only a few of his friends left alive. One of them was a 95-year-old man who told a story about how my wife’s grandpa had heard that that man’s car had broken down and he couldn’t drive his kids to school anymore, so he ended up just giving them a car for free.

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