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Obviously, I haven’t completed a marathon in under 3 hours and haven’t broken any records. But I have a similar story that a couple of years ago I weighed over 100kg (I think around 120-130) I ate a lot of junk food, and didn’t move my body very much, after a bit of a life-altering experience, whereas I was attempting to climb a mountain for a bit of fun over the weekend I truly saw what I had done to myself (health-wise) I knuckled down.

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My first thing was to buy scales, next I ditched every sugar drink and went to diet drinks, I cut a LOT of junk food (god I missed it) and stuck to a three meal a day plan. Let me make this clear IT IS NOT EASY and you can treat yourself, but that’s what it is treating yourself, you can totally afford to have a big meal or an extra chocolate bar or whatever it is but think of it as a treat and not the norm.

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