Awesome 2020 Vote 46th Presidential Election Joe Biden Shirt

I’m knitting my bf a reflective scarf. The yarn has reflective fibers in it that flash when light is on it. My bf likes to ride his bike around his university at night and already wears scarves when it’s cool out. So I thought it would be the perfect dual gift–warmth and safety!and it was absolutely devastating for all of us so I got my mom a hand-painted rock of one of our favorite pictures of Hunter from a woman a friend of mine knows.

Perfect 2020 Vote 46th Presidential Election Joe Biden Shirt- Design By
so many people enjoyed this story and felt sad because her parents are not close to her. You might probably change my mind, and the idea that I spend time with them instead of her makes me cry. Most probably I’ll try to find time in her schedule ( because of the high amount of work ) to take her to a restaurant and make a surprise earlier. Anyway, the 2nd gift is still with me and I’m 100% sure I don’t want to rush with it. It’s a serious move for all of us.

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