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This is the second time there is an no-nuance direct line between a Hitler action and a Trump action (the first being the unmarked vans just scooping up peaceful protestors). This is insane. It makes me sick to my stomach. It makes me angry. It genuinely frightens me. If this monster is elected president again, that will be the end of America.

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Yes I Really Do Need All These Frogs Colorful Frog Shirt

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This should be front-page news! Everyone should be fully aware of these heinous actions by a President who has sworn to represent all Americans regardless of race, sex, or political affiliations. He is a disgrace! Do you know what’s politically advantageous for an incumbent president and his team? To actually do a halfway decent job of responding to a global crisis. It may sound like a crazy notion, but voters will vote to keep someone in power if that someone is good at their job.

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