Unapologetically Dope Black Sixth Class Teacher Shirt

Seeing an animal get hurt and people laughing. I saw a seagull get hit by a car and feathers were everywhere on the road but it was still alive walking around. People who saw it just laughed and said “stupid seagull”. Like that’s not cool man an animal is gonna suffer slowly till it dies, fuck you for laughing. The thought that you grow up to watch your family and friends die and leave your children to mourn over your own death.

Unapologetically Dope Black Sixth Class Teacher Hoodie

Unapologetically Dope Black Sixth Class Teacher Shirt

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I get sad when I go through an old yearbook and realize how many people I don’t keep in contact with, but I read the signatures in there, and realize I fully meant to keep in touch with so many more people than I do. Drifting apart happens with age, but last night I was going through my old middle school yearbook, and it’s a weird feeling realizing that.

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