Pretty Cats 2020 Because Hoomans Suck American Flag Shirt

My boyfriend’s mom has an older labradoodle. He loves the dog dearly, the dog loves him right back, and she’s at his house every other weekend. My friend’s dad does amazing charcoal drawings, so I had him draw a portrait of the dog, and I got a custom picture frame for it as well. The drawing was done back in October, and I have been dying to tell my boyfriend about it ever since. Only 11 more days until he can see it!!

Great Cats 2020 Because Hoomans Suck American Flag Shirt - Design By
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My husband is deployed this Christmas. I wasn’t sure what to give him at first. Most of the items I thought to give him he couldn’t use there and would just have to pay to have them shipped back home. In the evenings after work, he and the other guys get together and play cards. So I sent him a party in a box. A box filled with a batch of each of two of his favorite home-baked cookies and several different card games.

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