I Can’t Fix Stupid But I Can Bolus The Propofol Shirt

As an anecdote, there’s also a practical side: I have a sister who has trouble hearing voices at certain frequencies, always had it but circumvented it by (unconsciously) starting to read lips from a young age, she’s working in a field where she has to interact with other people, and she’s been having some problems since the masks became mandatory because she can’t understand some people that well because she doesn’t have the visual clue of the opposite person’s mouth to associate with what she is hearing.


I Can’t Fix Stupid But I Can Bolus The Propofol Hoodie

I Can’t Fix Stupid But I Can Bolus The Propofol Shirt

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If a business bans clothing I support that. The slippery slope is when the government begins to ban and mandate things. I’m a catholic conservative, I did 13 years of strict dress code. I don’t like the idea behind a burqa, just not a fan of government dictating what people do to their bodies. I couldn’t even wear jeans in middle school because it was against the dress code. Why should they be forced to allow children to wear burqas in class? It’s ridiculous.

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