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My times aren’t close but at 33 and 50 pounds overweight, with a 15-year pack a day smoking habit and 15 years of straight alcoholism with an absolute shit diet too on top, I am now 421 days sober of both [cold turkey after MANY tries though], ran just over 2100kms this year, ran dozens of half-marathons, marathons, 5ks/10ks, and a self-supported 50k in a heatwave at 6hr15mins.

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This is not to impress anyone but only posted for those that don’t think they can do it – you definitely can. I was probably a bigger, unhealthier piece of shit than you were. Your excuses are not reasons. Just also completed the Goggins 4x4x48 challenge last week and planning to “run to space station” in November – i.e. run 408kms in the month.

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