Ghost It’s Ok To Be Different Shirt

Just like anything involving the Trump campaign this will boil down to two things, 1 is there any verifiable proof and 2 will those who can do anything about it choose to? So far we have had a President who allegedly financially benefited from his office, tried to double shipping rates on Amazon to punish Bezos, paid to settle fraud lawsuits, paid hush money and lied about it, incited violence, and attacked the free media. But, none of this did anything because others in power have either shielded him or just ignored it. This will be no different. Nothing less than a tape of Jared spelling this out will prove it enough for GOP sycophants to take any action.

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Ghost It’s Ok To Be Different Shirt

I’d like to thank Trump supporters for the thousands of unnecessary deaths caused by your incompetent party and it’s sociopath president. Can we impeach the great orange twat now? Followed by some actual prison time? There is no way he didn’t both know about this and condone it.

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