Bluey Dad Shirt

Also, those states are just mostly Democrat, they sacrificed plenty of Republicans too, just for living in blue states. Not to mention, the vast majority of anti maskers seem to be Trump supporters. They used their own base to infect the libs, like suicide spreaders. South Korea has had under 400 deaths from coronavirus. At a population of 1/6 the USA’s, if we had handled the problem as they had, there would be 2400 dead from coronavirus in the USA by now. Oh, and it has a higher population density than the USA.

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Bluey Dad Shirt

Yeah, that’s the other thing. If the administration had simply deferred to experts and produced a basic competent response, Trump would have cruised to re-election. The economy would also be in much better shape by now. I live in a densely populated city of 3 million people. We are reporting between 1-5 new cases a day on average. Our government didn’t pull some ingenious plan out of anywhere. They just did what had to be done in the short term.

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